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Gipsy Shamanism (version française ici)




Shamanism, which I practice every day, is without doubt, an ancestral way of well-being and as old as human kind; the benefit of natural gifts transmitted directly by my ancestors to put me in deep and direct contact with the sacred divine. Due to my long experience, I know that Shamanism is amongst the first lines of all forms of well-being used by the tribes of the entire universe and of the four directions; to create the profound connection between the body, the soul and the spirit. All must be in agreement with Mother Nature and the animal helpers.




What is a Shaman Medium Gypsy




By my natural sensitivity and due to my long ancestral training, I am able to see, to feel and hear the spiritual world. The universe relies upon the energies of the divine creation, where the good spirits come along with me if I need them. I am not a wild person, neither a therapist nor a member of a sect. I remain in perfect balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. I am perfectly in touch and able to communicate with the power of the four directions, four elements and the rustle of the four winds. It is a privilege to enter in communication with the spiritual world, to better balance the energies present in my family blood or from my tribe, finally to protect all humans as requested. But prior to all things, I am and remain a natural healer like my grandmother who transmitted these gifts. In all human suffering, the majority of time, it is a scattering of the soul in distress which creates a destabilization of the complete being, according to his present or past path.   


A total spiritual purification will take place, without physical contact; my ancestors and helper animals will be with me. Also, to remove negative entities which have taken place in someone’s body. The spiritual suggestions from the spirits will be communicated to the individual. I remain humble in my instrumental place in the universe, to better put me to the service of good deeds and connection with the universe. To better put me to the service of humans who cross my path.




Gypsy Shamanic Initiation




There is a period of purification, which erases the ego in all humans. It required me to stay in silence, away from my clan, to sleep in an old trailer and in the woods. I was born Shaman of Spring , but I had to pass all the physical and spiritual tests; so my Shaman grandmother stayed close to me, to see what was happening to me. I was not yet an adult; she was giving me all the necessary information, like a mother and mentor. The method used remains ancestral, no singing, music, incense, hallucinogen or alcohol. But I can share, without revealing the rituals concerning a total cleansing; I had to drink water so that all residues disappear and my perception becomes more sharpened, in order to see, to sense the spiritual and physical worlds surrounding me. Finally, to become a child again in the purity of soul, but equally to strengthen my endurance on all levels: to cold, to hunger and to suffering which were coming at all parts of me. All well amalgamated, revealing the powers sleeping in me and joined with the natural elements and wind directions, all putting in first plan my internal fire purification which is also my astrological element and ascendant of fire which assists contact as well with my animals and assistants; the most important is a fire dragon, which manifests by itself; nature does things well. It comes along for energetic cleansings in locations and also in other circumstances.


The three other animals represent the remaining elements, and manifest themselves when my task or my mission has to be accomplished. Under the realm of a simple and ordinary woman, I remain an amazon warrior filled with great strength and resistance to fight negative intruders and serious illnesses which surround us. Despite the years that pass, I resource myself, the time does not age me very much and my hands are strong and soft, and have the look of an adolescent. As I work, I slow time also for the person whom I give shamanic energy. We are far enough away from the ideal form of the shaman, as certain people imagine. Often, I retire from the world in silence, finally to live in depth that aspect of me in communion with nature and the spirits of light.  








People with the internal disposition of medium–shaman, since their young age, have been observed to assimilate all the levels from nature. They have without doubt already started their spiritual journey, so that the awakening of their powers is revealed. I will give a life coaching consultation which encourages them to discover their true potential and deep capacity for future disciplines. I keep in mind that we are beings of multiple talents sometimes ignored, but which must be expressed in a good way with appropriate guidance. The fee charged will be established based on time spent with the individual and not on my talents used.

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